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Тамо Далеко
Ensemble of the Serbian kolo "Tamo Daleko"
Lyalya Bezhetskaya -
Stasya Minashkina - tribal
Margarita Artyukh - tribal
Kristabel Otem - tribal

Tribal dancing with cymbals. The performers manage not only to dance, but also to accompany themselves with the ringing of zills (cymbals).

Cymbals are a musical instrument, distant relatives of Spanish castanets, only made of metal.


Tribal dance is a collective term for a huge contemporary dance trend.

This dance is based on American Tribal Style (ATS) - a synthetic style created in the 70s-80s of the 20th century in the USA by the American of Italian origin Carolina Nericchio on the basis of the most beautiful female dances - belly dance, Indian dance and Spanish flamenco. This style has incorporated all the brightest of these trends and today is a unique system of group synchronized dance, which allows dancers to perform full-fledged group numbers without any preparation and joint rehearsals.

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