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Nargiz. Joint performances as part of Nargiz tours across Russia. 2019


Yiannis Kofopoulos (Greece). Joint performance at the Alexey Kozlov club. 2021

Narine Jinanian

Narine Jinanian (Armenia). Recording an Armenian folk song for the new 2021 album.

Performance at the Aptekarskiy Ogorod 2020


Performance at the Moscow Kremlin. 2016

Natalia Zherenkova

A graduate of the Music College named after Ippolitova-Ivanova, solo folk singing class. Born into a musical family, where dad is a violinist, mom is a pianist, and grandfather is a trumpet player, Natalia not only sings beautifully, but also plays the violin with talent. However, this does not prevent her from asserting that “in her soul she is a real brass player”. It was this spiritual aspiration that led her to the Bubamara Brass Band. She worked in the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Russia, in the Puppet Theater named after SI Obraztsov, in the children's musical theater. Laureate of the Young Talents of Russia competition.


Artem Uzunov (Armenia).

For the first time, Artem picked up a drum in 2005, it was Darbuka.
Artem received his first lessons in playing Darbuk at the Ethnobit school. And soon he began to cooperate with various musical and dance groups and to master other drums of the peoples of the world.

Artem is a frequent guest of television and radio broadcasts (ORT, RTR, Stolitsa, TV Arm Ru, Sebrebryany Dozhd). He tours a lot, participates in various music competitions and festivals, and also works closely with eminent Russian musicians and dancers.

In 2011 he became the winner of the International Art Olympiad in the "Percussion" category, which was held in Moscow.

Anastasia Tokareva

Graduate of the Department of Choral and Conducting of the Saratov State Conservatory. Sobinov. She began her career in choral groups in the city of Saratov - Saratov State Theater of Choral Music, student choir of SGK. In parallel, she studied at the vocal department of the SGK. After graduation, she left for St. Petersburg and began her solo career as a songwriter. At the moment he lives and works in Moscow. Together with Aleksandar Kashtanov, she created the Quinta ToKa group, which successfully performs at Moscow concert venues. In 2009, the debut album of the Quinta ToKa project, Spring for You, was released. Performs in the Moscow Balkan Music Orchestra "Bubamara Brass Band".


This dance is based on American Tribal Style (ATS) - a synthetic style created in the 70s-80s of the 20th century in the USA by the American of Italian origin Carolina Nericchio on the basis of the most beautiful female dances - belly dance, Indian dance and Spanish flamenco. This style has incorporated all the brightest of these trends and today is a unique system of group synchronized dance, which allows dancers to perform full-fledged group numbers without any preparation and joint rehearsals.


Leonsia Erdenko and Bubamara Brass Band. 2008

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