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About the orchestra

логотип оркестра Бубамара Брасс Бэнд
логотип оркестра Бубамара Брасс Бэнд

Aleksandar Kashtanov created the orchestra in 2005. Over the years, we have performed in Kazakhstan, Siberia, Sakhalin, Turkey, Montenegro, Krasnodar Territory, Switzerland.

"Muzika u ime zivota, zivot u ime Ljubavi!" (c) Aleksandar Kashtanov

Melody for soul, dance for body! Childrens, grandmothers and even animals dance with us. We give the opportunity to forget about everything in the world, so that the soul turns towards the music, and the legs start to dance. Now Balkan music is becoming popular thanks to Emir Kusturica. However, he is far away, and we are with the Aleksandar Kashtanov's orchestra, we are here and now! Our life, our love in every sound for you, friends!

Диплом фестиваля


2020 - Recording of the soundtrack for the film "Hotel Belgrade". Transfer "One hundred to one" Russia 1. Aptekarskiy Ogorod. Festival "Transfiguration" Yaroslavl.

2019 - "World of Siberia" Krasnoyarsk. Pharmaceutical Garden. "Jazz Estate" Kolomenskoye. "Blue Balls" Switzerland. Concert tours with Nargiz: Kirov, Vologda, Perm, Kazan, Krasnogorsk, Vladikavkaz, Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk on Amur, Ussuriysk, Vladivostok, Bratsk, Irkutsk, Chita, Angarsk, Kaluga, Smolensk, Bryansk, Orel, Kursk, Belgorod, Lipov ... Release of two discs: "Nastenushka-Nastenka", "Life in the Name of Love".

2018 - Sakhalin Tour. "Jazz Estate" Arkhangelskoye. "Jazz Estate" Dobrograd. Aptekarskiy Ogorod (Moscow). Bulgarian student holiday.

2017 - Festivals: "Heaven and Earth" Tyumen, "World of Siberia" Shushenskoye, "Manor Jazz" Voronezh, "ForeE" Kazakhstan, "Manor Jazz" Konakovo. Open Television of Russia, Festival "Journey to Christmas" Moscow. Release of the disc "Music for Life"

2016 - Christmas holidays in Moscow, Maslenitsa Sokolniki, Sochi Festival of brass bands, Festival of walking orchestras, Fish festival, Participation in the project Music in the metro, Sochi Manor Jazz, Eburg Manor Jazz, Kazakhstan festival FORE, Turkey International exhibition, City Day Moscow, Kremlin with Diana Saveleva, Kazakhstan Almaty Astana, Crocus City Fightnights.


2015 - Maslenitsa in Moscow, Festival of Walking Orchestras, Night of Museums, Festival of Street Orchestras, Jazz Tsaritsyno Estate, City Day Obninsk, Participation in the show Voice on Channel 1, Jazz Fest, Sochi Formula 1, Jotspace.


2014 - the release of the disc " Ja Volim Bubamaru! " live broadcast on radio Silver rain. Festival of Walking Orchestras, Muzeon. Festival Bright People. Tyumen, Festival of Heaven and Earth. Ethnomir, Festival of Europe. VDNKh, Golden Autumn Festival.


2013 - release of the disc " Balkanteka " with the famous trumpet player Marko Markovic (Serbia). Maslenitsa in Gorky Park. Broadcast on Comedy radio. Festival of Walking Orchestras.

Day of the city. stage Sokolniki Moscow Jazz Festival

Day of the city. stage of VDNKh. Tula, Theater Yard Festival. Performance at the Day of Serbia. Muzeon, New Years Celebration.


2012 - release of the disc " Zemlja Bubarumija ". Performance at the Moscow City Day, at the Wild Mint festival. Live broadcast on Mayak radio - "The Seagull" program, live concert. Filming of the first video for the song "Luminitsa", Night of Emir Kusturitsa in the Khudozhestvenny complex, Kinotavr Sochi


2011 - release of the disc " Bubamarija " on the ethnic label Sketis Music. Performances in the clubs: "B2", "FAQ-cafe", "Chinese pilot Zhao-Da", "La Taifas", Night of Emir Kusturitsa in the Khudozhestvenny complex, Gorky Park Afisha Food, "Pirogi".


2010 - performance at the international festival " Jazz Estate " in Arkhangelskoye on the Parterre stage, at the " Mamakabo " festival near Borovsk, at a wedding in Montenegro. Release of the first CD " Kashtanizma " via Sketis Music.


2009 - performances in Moscow clubs: "Arte-FAQ", "Bilingua", "Workshop", coffee house "Caffeine" and cafe "Maner".


2008 - the orchestra masters new venues: "Apartment 44", "Grand Buff".


2007 - performances at Moscow concert venues, at the "29th Moscow International Film Festival ".


2006 - the repertoire of the collective includes Balkan, Romanian music, Latin jazz, mambo, blues, funk. The orchestra plays in Moscow clubs ("Apshu", "Gogol", "Project OGI", "FAQ-cafe", "Mayak"), at corporate events, participates in the festival " Ethnolife ".


2005 - the beginning of the existence of the brass band of Balkan music "Bubamara Brass Band". Demo recording, rehearsals.


2003 - 2004 - the "Vodovorot" band under the direction of Aleksandar Kashtanov plays Balkan music in Moscow clubs, participates in the Ethnolife 2003 festival, performs at the 2004 graduation ball at the Rossiya Concert Hall.

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